17 Sons Of Anarchy Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

17. Foreign Language Episode Titles


The titles to episodes of Sons Of Anarchy don€™'t appear anywhere in the actual episodes themselves, so the casual fan could be forgiven for thinking that they might not have been given names. That couldn€™'t be further from the truth, as Sons Of Anarchy creator, showrunner, head writer, and all-round motormouth Kurt Sutter has been pretty vocal that coming up with the titles is an important part of the work of writing an episode: he signs off each and every one beforehand.

Often, they reference deep and meaningful interpretations and dramatic analysis of the episode in question, affecting a resonance that the episode itself doesn'€™t always live up to. Sometimes, they'€™re just a rather wry joke. Sutter also had a thing for badly translating some of his episode titles into different languages, especially if the original in English was a little too on the nose for his tastes. Apart from the Gaelic episode titles during the dodgy transatlantic trip to Northern Ireland in season three, the language used for the other translated episode titles is rarely to do with the content of the episode itself.

For example, season five'€™s finale episode is called J'ai Obtenu Cette, a lazy, inaccurate French translation of €œ'I got this' (but literally translating as 'I have obtained this')€, which is pretty much the season'€™s motto. There'€™s no good reason for the title to be in French (let alone such bad French that Frenchmen have asked what it€™'s supposed to mean).


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