30 Movies Starring Game Of Thrones Actors In 2015

A Song Of Ice And Ticket Stubs.

As with all of the greatest TV shows, Game Of Thrones isn't on long enough. It's seasons may be rich and densely narrative with spectacle in abundance, but that doesn't mean that each season end doesn't feel like the biting cold steel of a sword for fans hungrily looking for more opportunity to see their favourite characters on screen. There is an alternative to simply wallowing in self-pity during the long, slow months between seasons though, or rewatching the boxsets endlessly. Unlike other shows like Doctor Who and The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones seems to offer more opportunity for even the top-billed actors to star in other film productions, and in some cases other TV shows. Perhaps it's because the filming schedule tends to be completed in short, sharp bursts and that post-production takes more time, adding dragons and such, but it's good news for fans who want more of a fix between the seasons. And of course, because George R R Martin's world is notoriously trigger-happy, the revival of once beloved characters in other films (or at least the ability to convince yourself that they're still alive, and not rotting on the ever-growing pile of Westeros corpses) is another irresistible opportunity for fans. After all, seeing the likes of the slain Starks revived (of a manner, at least), is like greeting an old friend...
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