50 Sexiest Women You've Probably Never Heard Of

You'll enjoy this list. It's an eye-catcher...

Numbered lists are nothing new to WhatCulture but never has the job of putting together one been so pleasurable for us. Spending the past weekend as valuably as any other, we drew up a list of those beautiful ladies of contemporary pop culture who are undeniably talented and hot but who don't (usually) hog the spotlight or make it onto the Top sexy lists of FHM or others. The task we set ourselves... to highlight the 50 sexiest woman whose faces you've ever never seen or if you have been fortunate enough to be previously acquainted, you've not forgotten them. Even if you can't quite remember their name. You'll enjoy this list. It's an eye-catcher...

50: Beth Behrs

One half of the waitresses at CBS' uber popular show Two Broke Girls, Beth Behrs is one of the sexiest blondes on TV but she so nearly wasn't. Having taken jobs in little seen productions, such as 2009's direct-to-video sequel American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, leggy Behrs auditioned for Two Broke Girls and was put through SEVEN auditions by the casting director before she landed the gig of former heiress Caroline Channing. And we are certainly thankful she persisted in winning the role, our monday nights wouldn't be the same without her.

49: Taylor Cole

You may recognize Taylor Cole as a regular on several now defunct TV series (Summerland, Heroes) or her role as super sexy assassin Vicky Roberts on NBC's The Event. The 28-year-old former model, volleyball player and Megan Fox lookalike has now moved on to a recurring role as lab technician Samantha Owen on CSI: Miami and gained recent attention for her memorable guest roles on Two and a Half men and Hawaii Five-O.

48: Christina Baily

31-year-old actress has appeared in Brit soaps Hollyoaks and Coronation Street. She can currently can be seen fronting the Muller Yogurt TV advertising campaign an advertising campaign that sure works on us!

47: Konnie Huq

Certainly known in the UK, this one is for our American readers. The former Blue Peter presenter who is the third longest-serving in the history of the iconic show, has kept the teen audience watching long after they have become fully-grown men. Recently she co-wrote the second episode of Channel 4's surreal series Black Mirror with her husband Charlie Brooker, so she is sadly off the market.

46: Nicki Clyne

The 29-year-old Canadian's biggest role to date has been playing Carly in the critically acclaimed remake of Battlestar Galactica. Her role in the show was initially no more than a glorified extra but when the series was commissioned for a full run, she was promoted to be part of the regular cast. Lucky us!
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