50 Sexiest Women You've Probably Never Heard Of

45: Amber MacArthur

Former host and producer of Girls Go Geek for XBOX. She now co-hosts her own video podcast called commandN as well as other internet based programs. Was voted "Best geek personality" by Now Magazine in 2006.

44: Mandy Morbid

Porn star who once had sex with a 'tentacle monster' on film. She is also is a self confessed geek who loves video games and is an avid player of role playing board game, Dungeons & Dragons. She also happens to have the one of the best tattoos ive ever seen, a series of Tie Fighters on her body.

43: Juno Temple

With The Dark Knight Rises just one month away from release and Juno Temple having a supporting role in the film, something tells me 22-year-old actress isn't going to stay unknown for much longer. We first laid our eyes on Temple at Cannes a few years ago when she bared it all in the name of art... that is weird, sci-fi, messed up art of Gregg Araki. His film was bonkers and hardly memorable... except for this lovely young lady.

42: Clare Grant

Actress and model and geek girl married to Seth Green. She has modeled for L-Oreal and lent her voice acted in Robot Chicken and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Though we can't help but feel she needs to do more on-camera work.

41: Krysten Ritter

Former model is best known for her role as Jane Margolis in AMC's excellent Breaking Bad but more recently is making us laugh and cringe as the Bitch in Apartment Block 23. She also sings and plays guitar in a band named "Ex Vivian" in her spare time... which we wish was spent with us!
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