6 Things New To Netflix This Week (Feb 1)

A music legend, a controversial MMA star, and a Quentin Tarantino blood bath awaits.

Netflix has one goal between now and 2020: to be in 40% of homes around the world. To achieve that will take some doing, especially with increased competition from Hulu, Amazon Prime, Binge On, Sky Q... And those are the on-demand services that already exist. Surely there are products yet to hit market that threaten to become the next big game-changer. So while the board members prepare to solidify their global expansion plans, what can you cast your eyes over? Netflix have gone heavy on the documentary front, with a tale from the octagon that might challenge your views on a few things, and the story of one of rock music's most tortured souls, Kurt Cobain. There's also a tasty look at how the food on your plate impacts the world at your feet, and a bloody Quentin Tarantino outing that is making an unlikely comeback on Facebook. And to finish off there's a Netflix original to keep the kids happy, straight from the Dreamworks studio. What more could you want? Okay, there's chess. Now that's surely enough content to keep you up all knight, at a price that means you won't have to pawn your television. So get binge-watching.

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