8 Signs Colin Farrell Is The New Matthew McConaughey

What do a Texan charmer and an Irish heartthrob have in common?


The much-discussed ‘McConaissance’ was a perfect storm that sprung from an underused actor finally showing off all of his potential in a string of hit films and television. But Matthew McConaughey wasn’t the first actor to have a career revival, and nor will he be the last.

Enter Colin Farrell, the wild Irish heartthrob who showed flashes of brilliance before becoming relegated to an unending lineup of terrible movies. Yet, in recent years, his choice of roles have mirrored those of McConaughey’s right before he exploded, making it apparent that Farrell could be in line for a revival of his own. The 'Farrelurrection', or something. 

Though he never really went away, Farrell has struggled to remain relevant, and in many ways he’s not mounting a comeback so much as he’s following the very specific path that Matthew McConaughey carved out before him. It’s impossible to say if he’ll be as successful as McConaughey, but his creative choices lead one to suspect that he’s at least taking a step back to becoming the actor we saw in In Bruges.

In following Matthew McConaughey’s path, failure and all, Colin Farrell’s timeline could soon become a phenomenon. The hope is that Farrell can replicate McConaughey’s success, and the similarities in both their recent lives and throughout their entire careers as actors make it apparent why that’s a realistic possibility.


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