8 Signs Colin Farrell Is The New Matthew McConaughey

8. A Few Early Acclaimed Performances

20th Century Fox/Gramercy Pictures

After a standout performance as the stoner David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused, Matthew McConaughey cemented himself as a talent to watch with the legal thriller A Time To Kill. Before he could fulfil the promise of the talent behind these roles, he quickly became bogged down in romantic comedies and action blockbusters. But many never forgot those few acclaimed performances from the beginning of his career.

Following an identical path was Colin Farrell, who broke onto the scene in Joel Schumacher’s war drama Tigerland. He followed that up by throwing down with Tom Cruise in Minority Report and, like McConaughey before him, proved himself to be an actor on the rise. His subsequent starring role in Phone Booth, however, was almost a tease, since it would take him years to once again prove that he could lead a good film.

It’s not that Farrell and McConaughey both started off their careers with acclaimed performances and failed to live up to them afterwards that makes them similar, plenty of actors disappear off the face of the Earth after a few good roles. What makes them similar is that they both stayed in the public eye with huge movies, yet never showed this promise again. At least for a while...


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