8 Things Everyone’s Getting Wrong About Game Of Thrones

If you think this has a happy ending you haven't been paying attention.

Game of Thrones Daenerys

Can everyone just calm down for bit?

As Season 8 has rumbled on the conversation around Game of Thrones has so rapidly descended into bedlam that the final half hour of The Bells was a pretty accurate recreation of Twitter on a Monday.

People are so, so, so angry at the direction the show’s going in because, when you distill all of the mjaor complaints down, it's apparently broken all of its won rules. The stories haven't gone the way people wanted, characters are doing things that make no sense and with one episode left the term "broken beyond all repair" has been getting thrown around.

But, really, is it? Don’t get me wrong it’s looooooong way from being perfect but this is a TV show - arguably the most scrutinised of all time - entering its 8th season. It was never going to wrap everything up in a way that satisfied the whole audience, and we’re bordering into a situation now where a vocal majority of fans are confusing “this doesn’t work” with “this isn’t what I wanted”.

I know you're angry, but let's just have a look at the more common complaints and try to unpack them slightly. Let's just park what we wish had happened, and work out if what has happened is actually good all the same. Trust me, it's a much better way to live your life.

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