8 Worst Sons Of Anarchy Casting Decisions

Featuring many fantastic actors, Sons of Anarchy still cast the wrong person several times.


A show that chose not to pull punches a lot of the time, despite getting pretty extreme on occasion, Sons of Anarchy created a unique bond with its fans. In fact, to this day people care enough about the show that there is a huge amount of anticipation for its upcoming spin-off, Mayans MC.

Obviously dependent in large part on compelling storylines, a huge portion of the reason why people grew to love SOA is the affection they felt for the show’s characters. In order for viewers to invest in the characters seen in any ongoing series, they need a combination of good writing and fantastic performances.

Absolutely pivotal to a series' success, the casting process can be an arduous one but that effort is absolutely worth it. Fortunately, there is no doubt that those in charge of casting the show Sons of Anarchy got a lot of things right. For instance, actors like Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, and Charlie Hunnam were all perfect for their roles. Unfortunately, no matter how good a casting department is, they are bound to make a mistake or two - or in this case, eight


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