9 PERFECT Places To Start Watching Doctor Who

9. Series 11 - 'The Woman Who Fell To Earth'


Doctor Who's eleventh series of the revived era saw its arguably biggest reboot and shake up in its history. This series saw Chris Chibnall in charge of the show, and brought in Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor.

Chibnall promised the show would be a good point for new fans to get into the series, allowing for new generations of fans to travel through time and space. And he wasn't wrong. Series 11 saw the show featuring minimal returning elements, besides the Doctor themselves, the TARDIS and sonic screwdriver.

The series featured, largely, ten stand alone episodes and no story arc, meaning anyone could jump in each week and follow along with the hour long adventures. Series 11 was the first revived series to not feature a single recurring villain, meaning viewers needn't know anything about the previous series.

Whilst this series is an ideal jumping on point for those looking to get into the series, and is followed by the considerably improved upon series 12, viewers will then need to go back further into the history of the show to discover more, as this era is still on going.

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