Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or 30 Rock Quiz: Who Said It - Amy Santiago Or Liz Lemon?

Were they Amy Santiago words of wisdom or Liz Lemon-isms?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 30 Rock

A sitcom lives and dies on how likeable its characters are. That's the first hurdle you need to jump over if you're making a comedy show, as falling flat on your face gives the audience no reason to invest in your series. It's safe to say these shows hit the nail on the head in that regard.

30 Rock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are no strangers to making likeable characters. In fact, it's their bread and butter. Still, among the sprawling casts come two people that really catch your attention with their geekiness, humour and relatability: those being Amy Santiago and Liz Lemon.

Amy is a hard-working neat freak who is overly meticulous yet goofy at the same time. Then, there's Liz, the overworked, undersexed relatable heart of 30 Rock. These characters lured fans in with their hilarious personalities and backed it up with the great lines they spouted.

These two easily share common thoughts about dating, work, pop culture, organisation and more, so you'll find it harder to sort between them than you'd think. So let's see if you've got the mind of a brilliant detective/TV creator.

1. "Why Is Everyone Laughing? I Can Be A Badass."


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