Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or Friends Quiz: Who Said It – Jake Peralta Or Joey Tribbiani?

Which loveable idiot said it?

Friends/Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz

It’s impossible to think of a modern-day sitcom ever possibly topping the popularity and mainstream-piercing appeal of Friends. For ten seasons, this series proved to be the hottest thing on TV, and it’s testament to Friends’ long-lasting appeal that the show is still watched by millions of people across the globe thanks to the countless re-runs that air on a scarily frequent basis.

Whereas Friends is likely the all-time greatest sitcom ever, this past decade or so has been a new golden age for sitcom TV. Amongst shows like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, one of the great ‘little engines that could’ of the sitcom world has been Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The adventures of the 99th Precinct hasn’t had the glitz and glamour of some of its peers, yet this show has doggedly battled away to become a staple of so many people’s viewing habits. While it was recently announced that the upcoming eighth season will bring Brooklyn Nine-Nine to a close, the series has the perfect chance to go out with a bang.

Pinpointing two particular characters from these shows, both Jake Peralta and Joey Tribbiani have long been huge favourites of so many, with their oft-idiotic, oft-cheesy, oft-hungry ways making them so similar is numerous ways.

How well can you tell the difference between Jake and Joey, though? Here, there’s a bunch of quotes from these two brilliant characters – you just have to identify which character spouted which line of dialogue!

1. "The Doctor Said All My Bleeding Was Internal. That's Where The Blood's Supposed To Be."


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