Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or Friends Quiz: Who Was It - Jake Peralta Or Chandler Bing?

Could this quiz BE anymore toit?


The difference between a good show and a great show has a lot to do with humour. Characters like Chandler Bing and Jake Peralta with their witty one liners and bad dad jokes are what makes shows like Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine so popular.

When you think of Friends, you may think it's success is all down to Ross and Rachel's will-they-wont-they saga, but without Chandler's injection of comedy and his envious bromance with Joey, the show just wouldn't have been the same. The same goes for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Without Jake Peralta and his sidekick Boyle, the show would be missing a vital ingredient, fun!

Although the shows have completely different settings, Chandler and Jake are very much alike. But can you tell who the following statements relate to? Is it Nine-Nine's Jake Peralta or Central Perk's Chandler Bing?

Let us know how you did in the comments thread below.

Answers at the end!

1. He Was Voted Class Clown In His High School Yearbook.


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