Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Can You Match The Raymond Holt Scene To The Season?

How well do you really know Tenacious Ray?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine squad are the best of the best. They all go above and beyond to keep the streets of New York City safe.

For many years, Raymond Holt was the precinct's captain. He kept Peralta in line when he got carried away with his many childish antics, he was an inspiration to Santiago who wanted to learn everything there was to learn, and he even helped Rosa become less... well Rosa. He truly is one of the best characters to come from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

While Holt was strict and a stickler for rules, he was also fun and loveable. He would do anything for his colleagues and friends. He also delivered some of the funniest quotes to come from the show.

The question we have for Nine-Nine fans today is, just how well do you really know Raymond Holt? Do you know him better than Kevin? Let's find out!

Can you match a scene Holt was in to the correct season? Only true fans of the show will be able to score 100% on this quiz.

1. Which Season Is This Scene From?


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