Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: What's My Last Line?

This is not Cheddar...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is extremely easy to follow mainly thanks to its simple plots and light humour. Each episode is understandable without context, and the show can be watched from literally any episode. At the same time, the characters are multifaceted and catchy enough to make you want to follow them from season to season, and then turn on the first one again.

Over the course of the show, the characters go through serious events - starting a family, testing their friendships, and recovering from injuries. The team supports Rosa after coming out when her family turns their backs on her; Captain Holt saves the precinct from closure with one fiery speech; a funeral is arranged for Boyle's deceased dog. The series combines low jokes, ridiculous situations, and really touching moments that make you become attached to the characters.

In addition to ridiculous situations, viewers will be amused by one-liner jokes and constant references to popular culture. As a die-hard fan of a series you may refer to a lot of funny and weird one-liners, but will you be able to remember each character’s last lines? Let’s find out.

1. Kevin


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