Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Which Episode Is The Highest Rated?

Can you guess which episode has the higher rating on IMDb. Let's find out!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

We all fell in love with the detectives of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Captain Holt, Jake, Amy, Terry, Charles, Rosa and all the rest of the squad kept the criminals off the streets of New York for 8 seasons.

With Captain Holt at the helm; the group proved to be there for each other and took down not just injustice they saw on the streets but also within the NYPD. From taking down drug gangs to ousting a corrupt NYPD Commissioner; the Nine-Nine squad take down criminals with style.

For 153 episodes we witnessed Jake and Amy go from competitors to a family. The Nine-Nine was the place where Terry's wife went into labour, the setting of the Jimmy Jab games and the birth place of the Halloween Heist. We got to see Terry get promoted, Captain Holt miss out on becoming Commissioner and Jake and Amy's wedding.

We all have our favourite episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. "The Box" is undoubtedly a fan favourite but so are the Halloween Heists. We've created a quiz that will challenge every fan of the show.

All you have to do is guess which episode has the higher rating on IMDb. Sounds straight forward, but do you have what it takes to get 100% correct? Let's find out!

1. Which Episode Is The Highest Rated?


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