Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Whose Insult Was It?

Just how well do you remember Jake Peralta and his colleagues?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Amy

Interrogating suspects, arresting perps and solving murders. Sounds serious, right? Well, not for Jake Peralta and the gang of the Brooklyn's 99th Precinct. Everyone who has watched at least one episode of the popular American police procedural comedy television series knows that under police uniforms and behind the badges are hidden constant pranks, silly bets, competitions, karaoke nights and, of course, annual heists.

Seriously, when do these guys even manage to solve crimes and do all the dull police paperwork? Especially the most irresponsible, yet capable and smart detective Jake Peralta. Detective Right-All-The-Time is a guru of mocking, making fun of his colleagues, friends and even his new boss, rule addict Captain Raymond "Ray" Holt.

However, as the show moves on, it becomes clear that Jake is not the only “bad” guy at Precinct 99. Extremely competitive detective Amy Santiago, badass detective Rosa Diaz, sardonic Gina and even mild-mannered detective Charles Boyle crossed the line many times.

Well, let’s see whether you can remember all the insults that took place inside the walls of Brooklyn's 99th Precinct.

Answers at the end!

1. "You Just Graduated Pie School, Bitches!"


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