Doctor Who: 4 Best (Forgotten) Matt Smith Speeches

3. Bigger On The Inside

6 €œYep, you€™ve defeated us, me and my lovely friends here, and last but definitely not least, the Tardis matrix herself, a living consciousness you ripped from this very control room€you forced the Tardis into a body so she€™d burn out a very long way from this control room. 7 A flesh body can€™t hold the Tardis matrix and live! Look at her body House!... 8 I think you should be very very careful about what you let back into this control room. You took her from her home. And now she€™s back in the box again, and she€™s free. 9 Look at my girl, look at her go. Bigger on the inside! 10 See House, that€™s your problem, the size of a planet but inside you are just so small. 11 Finish him off girl.€ This speech tells us nothing new about the Doctor, or the Tardis. It€™s when the House is defeated, but it€™s not really a moment of victory because the Tardis has to go back in the box now. What it show off is the Eleventh Doctor€™s unique way of being angry. House tried to kill the Tardis, killed hundreds of Time Lords, gave the Doctor hope and took it away. The Doctor is angry with him, and now he€™s going to beat him. A lot of people have said that the next Doctor should be angrier, but the Eleventh Doctor got plenty angry. Whereas Tennant€™s anger was fire, Smith€™s anger was ice. €œThere€™s a sliver of ice in his heart,€ an empath once said, and that never shows more truly than when he€™s angry.
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