Doctor Who: Every 10th Doctor Episode Ranked Worst To Best

35. The Doctor's Daughter

Doctor Who The End of Time

This episode definitely feels like it worked backwards from the provocative title of 'The Doctor's Daughter', as the plot fails to live up to the intriguing concept.

While the character of Jenny is brilliantly played by Georgia Moffett, she is given so little to work with during such a short amount of time that she feels like a waste of a character. Another example of a wasted character in this episode is Martha Jones. The ex-companion of the Doctor is sidelined away from the action to a mundane subplot with the equally mundane human fish people (the Hath).

Alongside the human villain with a ridiculous name, Cobb, and a ridiculous Cornish accent to match, this episode is an example of poor storytelling above anything else.


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