Every Batman Ranked From Worst To Best

Na na na na na na na Batmen.

Batman is a character whose depths and crevices have led to a lot of fascinating interpretations on film over the years, and it€™s about time someone sorted the wheat from the chaff once and for all with regards to the various guises he€™s appeared on screen in.

That someone is, as you might have guessed, myself. This is the absolutely definitive list of the Batmen. There's no point crying, it's been properly, officially sorted out now.

Batman isn€™t just Batman, either €“ the actors€™ various takes are massively important. If you think the difference between two portrayals is just that one of them wears a hat with bigger ears on it, you're in the wrong place. There's so much more to it than that.

It's not just the superhero that needs to be considered either, as the dichotomy between a super-violent vigilante crackpot and a reasonably genteel billionaire is the central intrigue of the Batman character. Bruce Wayne€™s relationship with himself is far more interesting than his relationship with most of his foes, and how different actors have resolved this is usually the key to the performance.

Oh, and Val Kilmer is obviously last, if you were wondering.


Holding midfielder; can get forward. Decent engine.