Friends Quiz: Did It Happen In Barbados, London Or Las Vegas?

Where did it happen - Barbados, London Or Las Vegas?

Friends Ross

Friends is something so simple, extremely truthful and relatable that it's easy to watch anywhere, anytime and with anyone. The show might not have the most intelligent jokes, but it's funny, accessible and provides a high level of comfort.

Throughout its ten years, the characters of Friends became our friends, thus when it's a horrible day, month, or even a year, an episode of Friends will warm up our hearts.

During the show, the characters didn't often venture further than Central Perk. Although travelling is the best way to relax, get rid of any emotional junk, and rediscover yourself, the six never managed to do any of those on their trips.

From all that time spent in Monica’s apartment, it's hard to remember those episodes when the gang went outside of New York. It's even harder to remember what happened on those trips and where they were when it happened.

Whether it was a conference Ross should attend, Chandler and Monica’s anniversary or a wedding occasion, each storyline was full of jokes that made fans laugh out loud.

So, let’s check if you can remember where the following events took place. Was it in Barbados, in London or Las Vegas?

1. Rachel And Ross Played Blackjack.


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