Friends Quiz: Joey Tribbiani - Finish These Quotes

Joey doesn't share answers!


Who says being dumb ever hurt any character's ability to be charming, infectiously likeable and eminently quotable? Joey from Friends is basically a manchild: an actor with dazzling good looks and the gift of the gab who isn't more than makes up for his lack of IQ with a big heart and fierce loyalty to his friends.

He's one of the pillars of Friends and one of the many reasons the show continues to be as incredibly popular as it is now. He was responsible for some of the best lines and a big part of some of the most memorable episodes. He was the perfect foil to Chandler's sarcasm, the perfect balance to Ross' awkward geekiness and the ideal opportunity for the show to explore a different kind of masculinity through his friendship with the girls.

But how well do you remember Joey and his most quotable lines?

Answers at the end.

1. "Oh Yeah. Go For It, Man, Jump Off The High Dive, Stare Down The Barrel Of The Gun..."


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