Friends Quiz: Ross And Rachel - True Or False?

Welcome to televisions most famous couple! Are these facts true or false?


Relationships are a massive part of any sitcom. They often define many story lines and can be pivotal to the way a series can progress. The interactions of two people can affect the dynamic of a regular group, changing everything. Most notably you can remember this happening with arguably the most famous couple in television history, Ross Geller and Rachel Greene.

The famous Friends couple who were on and off again more than the living room light switch have had their fair share of ups and downs across the years. These ups and downs were very pivotal to the show and impacted the rest of the group heavily. The reactions of Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica growing increasingly more frustrated over time are evidence of that.

But do you consider yourself to be a true friends fan? How much attention did you pay to Ross and Rachel's relationship along the way?

Answers are at the end.

1. Ross And Rachel Are The Main Pairing On The Show.


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