Friends Quiz: Who Dated Them - Ross Or Joey?

Was it the Divorce Force or your favourite Italian Pizza lover that is Joey?


A good sitcom always has certain necessities to make it successful, such as chemistry between the cast, relatable characters, a good mix between comedy and serious topics and enough storyline to prevent the feeling of repetition without direction. Friends completely smashes it in every department, especially with the chemistry between the cast. It is clear they are close friends off camera and that bond between them brings effortless and completely genuine acting.

There are many hilarious moments from Friends that will be remembered and talked about for many years to come. A lot of these moments are inspired by lots of little day to day things that you experience yourself and are done in brilliant comedic fashion. Arguably the biggest inspiration for these moments is from relationships. One of the most iconic moments and lines comes from the relationship between Ross and Rachel regarding debate over whether "they were on a break!!"

But how well did you keep track of the many relationships across the series, however brief they may have been? Can you tell if the following women were dating Ross or Joey?

Answers are on the end!

1. Emily.


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