Friends Quiz: Who Screamed It - Rachel, Monica Or Phoebe?

The One With The Screamers.

Anything worth saying is arguably even better when you scream it. Got an insult lined up? Scream it! Got something on your chest you need to get off? Scream it! Got a joke you're confident will get some laughs? Scream it for added impact.

Despite once having a neighbour in Mr Heckles who wouldn't tolerate the lightest of footprints above his ceiling, the gang in Friends have occasionally taken that invitation to the extreme. They're a volatile bunch, so it shouldn't really come as a huge surprise either and when you live in each other's pockets as much as they do, things are bound to come to a head.

Love means forgiving one another for the screaming matches and the yelling. And anyway, sometimes the Friends weren't actually screaming at each other. Sometimes it was inanimate objects. Sometimes it was themselves. Sometimes it was at referees, stuffed animals or someone's mother...

But can you remember which of the female Friends characters screamed these lines over the course of the show's history?

Answers at the end!

1. "Have Some Pride For The Love Of God!"

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