Friends: The Absolute Hardest Monica Geller True Or False Quiz!

Can you remember what what really happened with the Geller Cup or which movie actor Monica dated?

Monica Friends

If Chandler Bing is the undisputed master of sarcastic put-downs on Friends, his eventual wife Monica Geller isn't too far behind on the cattiness front. A match made in Heaven it must be, then.

Across the hit sitcom's 10 incredible seasons and almost 250 unforgettable episodes, Monica was responsible for countless iconic moments, whether passing excessive judgment on other people or drawing attention to her own obsessive compulsive tendencies.

Despite her quasi-cartoonish fascination with tidiness and order, she's probably the most "realistic" and believable of Friends' six main characters. Her "I Know" catchphrase and obsessive compulsiveness was easily the most relatable trait of all the main characters.

But just how well do you really know Monica Geller? Can you remember what what really happened with the Geller Cup or which famous movie actor she dated?

Naturally you'll need to be a Monica-grade obsessive to have a chance of getting anywhere close to 100% on this quiz.

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck and remember to check out our other Friends quizzes at the following link.

1. Monica Didn't Legally Change Her Name After Marrying Chandler


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