Friends: The Progressively Harder Chandler Bing True Or False Quiz

You love me, Chandler Bing!

Friends Chandler

When Friends first aired in 1994, it immediately gained high ratings. The show favourably differed from other projects popular at that time because of its entire concept and colourful characters. Following six friends who didn't really share common interests or similar outlooks on life, Friends was truly one of a kind.

Joey taught us how to hit on girls. Ross tried to make us love dinosaurs. Rachel showed us how to spend money. Monica made us want to clean. Phoebe helped us to believe in ourselves. But still, Chandler Bing remained the coolest and most beloved character on Friends.

The image of Chandler was conceived by the authors as a typical office worker, awkward and complex. However, when the producers of the series met with actor Matthew Perry, plans changed. The audience remembers him as a guy with a specific sense of humour, and numerous complexes coming from childhood. At the same time, Chandler is kind, friendly, naive, and rustic, which leads the young man to absurd and comical situations.

The question for today is, just how well do you remember Chandler Bing? Can you ace this progressively harder Chandler true or false quiz that even Monica would struggle with?

1. Joey Gave Chandler A Bracelet Engraved "To My Best Bud".


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