Game Of Thrones: 15 Most Memorable Sex Scenes So Far

14. Dany's Lesson In Love

Dany Doreah Game Of Thrones

Proving that you need not show all the nudity to make something incredibly steamy, this scene between Dany and Doreah is a big moment for the Stormborn queen's development.

This is where she casts off her husband's image of her as no more than a slave - an exchange that is more about him asserting his power begrudgingly than either of them getting any pleasure - and learns the mechanics of "taming" him. Here, she learnt to play with fire to her own advantage.

This was about more than titillation, despite it being incredibly sensual: this was Dany reclaiming her own sexuality and marked a key moment of progression for her. Previously, she had been used as no more than a commodity by her brother - she didn't own her body - and the idea of her being able to experience pleasure as well as "serving" her new husband was a major moment for her.

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