Game of Thrones: 8 Completely Unnecessary Nude Scenes

game of thrones

HBO has earned plaudits in recent years for its unflinching view of sex, nudity and violence in its programming. This dogged path of realism is refreshing in a time where people will actually complain because Holly Willoughby wore a dress that showed off too much cleavage...Winter is indeed coming if there are people who find that worth complaining about.

Despite the good vibes this has generated for the company and its gritty fantasy goliath, Game of Thrones, it has at points walked a little past the edge of nudity for stories sake and nudity for the sake of nudity. It has almost at times acted like a stop gap for people too morally righteous to watch porn: they can just watch Game of Thrones and call it €˜artistic€™.

Whilst I€™m no prude it becomes difficult to maintain faith in a TV show when it willfully disregards the artistic merit of its realism for the sake of titillating a few people on the fence about whether they like the show or not; the tactics come down to the same way Michael Bay used shots of Megan Fox bent over to sell Transformers 2. €˜If you don€™t like it, at least you get to see some hot people.€™

With this in mind lets approach Game of Thrones€™ most unnecessary sex scenes.

8. Brother/Sister Time


The Scene €“ Preparing for the arrival of the Dothraki and her potential former husband, Daenarys Targaeryan is giving it the whole €˜wilted flower€™ look whilst her brother undresses her, cups her breast and lets her walk mournfully naked into a bathtub.

What Purpose Is This Supposed To Serve €“ This, I believe, is supposed to show off how weak a character Daenarys is by putting her in a vulnerable state of undress. It€™s also supposed to show off just how power hungry Viserys is that he will use his sister in this way.

What It Actually Does €“ Series 1 of Game Of Thrones was, at times, painfully slow €“ so how does it grab audiences to get through all this plot constructing mumbo jumbo? Oh, it shows off a bit of boob and bum because apparently all cultivators of fantasy fiction are only interested in one thing. They do seem to neglect at times just how talented their actors are and both the relevant actors in this scene had the ability to pull off these representations without the need to pull off Emilia Clarke€™s clothes.

Later on in the series, when Daenarys first begins a sexual relationship with Khal Drogo, the use of nudity becomes relevant in this way because it shows the perceived lack of power she has: this is merely a way of keeping audiences hooked past all the talking.


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