Game Of Thrones Quiz: How Well Do You Know Sansa Stark?

Test your knowledge of the most intelligent and politically capable member of House Stark.


Game of Thrones provided viewers with a vast number of complex and unexpected character arcs throughout its run, but few were as satisfying as Sansa Stark’s.

In the first season, Sansa came across as little more than an irritant. Her infatuation with Joffrey and her disregard for Arya made her far from popular. However, following the death of her father, Sansa underwent a remarkable transformation.

Under the tyrannical wing of House Lannister, Sansa grew mentally tough and politically astute, and such skills were developed still further under the Boltons, despite the barbarity she was subjected to.

After her escape from Ramsay, Sansa proved invaluable in both retaking and maintaining Winterfell. Though few would have predicted it at the start, Sansa was always destined to become Queen of the North.

How much of Sansa’s story can you remember?

1. What Is Sansa’s Favourite Food?


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