Game Of Thrones Season 8: 6 Clues From The Finale's Trailer

Is Dany aiming for a war in the North?!

Game Of Thrones Finale

After a decade and 8 seasons, it all ends here.

The story of this explosive final season of HBO's flagship fantasy has been the division in the fanbase and the suggestion that they're somehow failing to stick the ending because the writers haven't done exactly what the fans wanted. When it comes down to it, if you have paid attention to the past eight seasons, it's all been there, but there have been missteps in pacing along the way that set expectations for how long crucial parts of a story should take to pay-off.

When we had to endure the Meereen and Braavos storylines eating up way too time, it was partly because George RR Martin lost his way in his own writing. The show followed, slowed to a crawl and everyone complained. Now it's hurtling towards a resolution, rose-tinted glasses look back at that slower pace fondly. They made a rod for their own back but they have betrayed no characters, they have cancelled no plans for their arcs, they haven't ruined anyone or anything. This is where it was always headed.

And even with a very short teaser for the finale, there are some things we need to discuss.

Here's the teaser...

So what did we learn about what's about to happen?

6. Davos & Jon Survey The Damage

Game Of Thrones Davos Jon

The end of the penultimate episode showed us Jon dealing with what he'd just seen in the immediacy of Dany's massacre of King's Landing, but beyond his face - which immediately became a meme, of course - there was no real exploration of how he's going to react.

You could have thought he'd do what Jon Snow usually does and made a rash decision based on what he believes to be the right thing to do... But that's not the case. Just as Dany's was, Jon's arc is about him trying to refuse his own destiny (which was always to become Ned Stark and is now a mix of that and being king) and he's learned - mostly through being killed - that his instincts alone probably aren't what he should follow.

In that respect, it makes sense that we'd see him wandering the ruins of King's Landing with Ser Davos. He's proved an invaluable and sensible ally for a few seasons now and this will no doubt be their counsel over what they should do with Jon. If Davos' reaction to the murder of innocent Shereen is anything to go by, he's not going to be impressed with Dany murdering children, so you can also expect him to suggest action is taken.

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