Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 - Every Death In 'The Bells' Ranked Worst To Best

Ring the bells! Open the gates!

Drogon Shadow

It wasn't so long ago that people were complaining that Game Of Thrones wasn't being brutal enough with its killing. The Battle Of The Bastards had seen a few supporting character deaths and some semi-main ones, but nobody from the top billed rank of the cast had been in real peril and some fans were rather cynical about it.

What more learned fans would have known is that large impersonal battles are not really where Thrones characters die if they're of great consequence. They die in one-to-one situations or as the result of something like The Red Wedding or The Sept Of Baelor where we all get to really FEEL their deaths. And that's very much been the case with the penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones, The Bells.

The axe swung lots of times, taking down some of the biggest names in the Seven Kingdoms and leaving the chess board in such a state that nobody can really be sure if that's the game we're still playing. But, now for the important question, which death mattered the most in this intense, occasionally devastating episode? Read on to find out...

Naturally, there are spoilers within, so only make the jump if you've watched the episode or don't care about spoilers...

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