Game Of Thrones: The Hilarious Name Jorah Calls Jon Snow (That We Didn't Get To See)

Daenerys probably wouldn't approve.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Jorah

As part of the build-up to the Emmys, the full script for Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, The Dragon and the Wolf, has been released online.

The script, which is nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series and was penned by showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, is largely as aired, but - as is customary for Weiss and Benioff - includes a number of interesting stage directions.

Chief among them in this script is extra detail on a scene between Jon, Daenerys, and her council, when Dany decides that she will go North with Jon. While they might have bonded in the previous episode, Beyond the Wall, the script reveals exactly what Jorah is thinking in this moment:

"Jorah nods in deference. But he's not smiling at all. Punkass little sh*tburger stole my khaleesi!"

You can watch the scene play out here and, in fairness, you do get the indication that Jorah does indeed feel that way about Jon, even if he can't directly say it.


The script also reveals that Tyrion looked concerned when seeing Jon go into Dany's room for "more reasons than one", and that Theon delivered the greatest headbutt ever seen on screen.

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