Heel Or Face: Rating Every The Big Show Show Episode

"Well, it's The Big Show. It's a big, bad show tonight. Well, it's The Big Show."

Big Show Netflix

Have a root amongst the rumours surrounding the WWE this year and you'll find one that says the WWE Network is going away because Vince is selling the streaming rights to Netflix. That particular rumour seems to originate from Netflix and WWE combining efforts on a range of new projects with WWE backing and branding, the first of which is:

Weeeeeeeellll, it's The Big Show...

Actually, it's The Big Show Show, a show that shows us a big new side to The Big Show's acting chops. Made it through that sentence with your sanity intact? Good.

The Big Show Show gives Paul Wight (who is only ever referred to as The Big Show or Dad by people in the series) a mid-90s Disney Channel sitcom family and has him navigate the dual challenges of moving a child from another marriage in with his family and starting his retirement.

As the main character seems to turn heel or face at a moment's notice and the show's quality ranges broadly from "Chokeslam me, please" all the way to the knockout punch of not being all that bad, we thought it would be fun to rate each episode face or heel.

8. Prototype

Big Show Netflix

Prototype sets us up immediately with Show having retired from wrestling and now wrestling with his young daughter's hair. Oh, bless him; that's not a french braid. It's not even close. Silly man, when will you learn that a father can't do a girl's hair properly? Also, that's not comedy. It's not even close.

We learn that Show is outnumbered in the household by his wife and two daughters, and has a third daughter (Lola) from another marriage on her way to move in with him. What's a manly man to do? Lie, apparently. His new daughter has been promised her own room and there isn't one, eventually leading to a crowdfunded sleep in from dozens of strangers in his daughter's room.

Show heads to the airport to pick up Lola and runs into a security guard who is a big fan of him, and also thinks he's John Cena. Apparently, in this world, people truly can't see John if they're going to mistake a 7 foot giant for him. This is the stand out joke of the episode and ends in the image above.

Show Rating: Heel


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