How I Met Your Mother Insults Quiz: Who Insulted Ted?

Who was it that turned El Ganso Con La Rinonera into the Fanny Pack Dork?


How I Met Your Mother is really just a long winded story about how two people meet when you look at it. But it is brilliant regardless. The majority of the story is just filler to pass the time until the meeting but there are many golden moments that happen because of that. Barney having a pencil ricochet off a table and up his nose, leaving him stunned and asking if he is dead is one hilarious example of many.

Most of these moments and time fillers are made brilliant by the chemistry of the characters. You can tell that the love and camaraderie is genuine and unforced but also the mocking and insults come with just as much ease and laughter at each other's expence.

Ted Mosby is often at the expense of jokes, usually of his own doing. His utterly blind opinion of coolness is always overshadowed by his towering levels of dorkiness and never missed by the gang. Can you tell who it was that said the following insults?

Answers are at the end!

1. We Get It, You Pack A Lot In Your Fanny.


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