How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Marshall - Finish These Quotes!

How well do remember these quotes from our favourite Eriksen?


There are not many series in the world of situational comedy that can threaten to compete against the humorous heavyweight that is Friends. But going on the fan base and comparisons to the legendary show, How I Met Your Mother is one to stand up along side it. Not beat it, but come close to it at least.

The reason that the show can be held in such high esteem is major credit to the characters and the casting of its actors. Each plays their role to perfection leaving audiences often debating who actually is the best character. Whether it is Lily, Robin, Ted, Barney or Marshall, it is highly likely that by the next episode or two it will have changed.

Marshall acts often as one half of the parents of the group with Lily at his side. He is always there for the gang to provide support and care for any of them in need. There is always advice and suggestions from him if required but they may not always be the right thing to do.

How well do you know Marshall Eriksen, can you finish the following quotes?

Answers at the end!

1. I’m Cuddly...


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