How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Did It – Barney, Ted Or Marshall?

Hardest How I Met Your Mother quiz on the internet! Can you remember who had the nickname Swarley.

When How I Met Your Mother first aired back in 2005, not even the most optimistic of TV executives could’ve envisioned how popular the series would become – and that the show would go on to run for a total of nine years.

The past decade or more has been a golden era for television, with How I Met Your Mother one of so many genuinely phenomenal TV shows served up for audiences to devour.

For such a simple premise – Josh Radnor’s Ted Mosby recounts memories to his children of how he met their mother – the show went above and beyond what anyone imagined when it came to ratings and awards. Even now, the series serves as one of the true benchmarks for any and all comedic sitcoms to have followed it.

While much of the show is told from the viewpoint of Ted, just as entertaining a presence in the series are Jason Segel’s Marshall Eriksen and Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney Stinson, with both Marshall and Barney afforded plenty of time to shine.

With so many memorable moments between them, though, which of Ted, Marshall and Barney did the following things?

1. Who Was Banned From Laser Tag For Being Too Rough


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