How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Whose Nickname Was It?

HIMYM Quiz: Barney, Robin, Marshall, Ted, Lily... Who Was The Slap Bet Commissioner?


Over the past decade or two, it’s a fair claim to say that we’ve all been living through a golden age of sitcom television. With so many shows maintaining such high quality for so many seasons, it’s been a great time for those with a penchant for great sitcoms – and one such sitcom, of course, is How I Met Your Mother.

Running from 2005 until 2014 – amassing 208 episodes against nine seasons along the way – How I Met Your Mother continued to impress from start to finish. Well, bar a slightly ropey, drawn-out final season, but that can be forgiven due to the sheer brilliance of the eight seasons that preceded that final year.

Like similarly successful shows, key to How I Met Your Mother was assembling a core cast of characters who appealed to audiences. And likewise similarly to its cohorts, How I Met Your Mother featured numerous nicknames, monikers and mantles for its key faces.

How well do you remember the various nicknames served up throughout How I Met Your Mother’s run, though? Here, the task at hand is to correctly identify which HIMYM nickname belonged to which character – and it’s a task that only the biggest of How I Met Your Mother fans will succeed in!

1. Swarley


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