Iconic TV Pilots Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These First Episodes?

You always remember your first...

Lost Charlie

We're in such a golden age of entertainment that there's a legitimate case to be made that there's TOO much content. Between movies or albums alone you'd only ever scratch the surface of it all if you dedicated every waking moment of your life to them. And those usually last three hours at most, meanwhile television shows can and often do last far longer.

The Simpsons alone would take at least ten full 24 days in total and that's only ONE show.

What we're trying to say here is that there's a lot of TV. And while not all series are hitting the highest of heights, it's pretty inarguable just how much worthwhile content exists out there. But some shows stand out above the rest. A few select shows go down in history as not only big hits, but the biggest of hits. And a good amount of the time, the pilot will give away how great a show can become.

So to television and plane-flying fans worldwide, the challenge is now on you: how well do you remember these iconic first episodes?

Answers at the end!

1. In The Sopranos, What Appointment Is Tony Waiting For?


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