'Last Dance' Team Working On Steve Austin Documentary

Yes, Austin took it personally...

Steve Austin 2002

The production team responsible for Netflix's acclaimed docuseries on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, The Last Dance, is currently working on a new documentary focused on 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

This is the word of former WWE employee Lilian Garcia, who spoke to Chris Van Vliet in an interview published on Tuesday:-


During the discussion, Garcia revealed that one of the Last Dance producers contacted her about getting involved in a new project, receiving the news while she and her husband were watching the Bulls/Jordan series on Netflix. "I come to find out that they want to do a documentary for 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin," Garcia said, "and it's coming out next year."

This is an exciting proposition, given the subject matter and how well-received The Last Dance was. Released on Netflix internationally earlier this year, the 10-episode series' main focus was Jordan's final series with the Bulls and the end of the team's legendary dynasty, though it also featured rich, deep explorations of Jordan's past, covering everything that happened on the road to six NBA Championships.


There'll be no shortage of material to cover with Austin, whose wrestling career is amongst the most storied in history.

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