Maggie Siff's Tara Knowles From Sons of Anarchy Named Hottest Woman in Fiction

She beat 98 other fictional characters in Ugo's list with Sofia Vergara's Modern Family character Gloria Pritchett coming in as runner-up. have named Dr. Tara Knowles, a character from FX drama Sons of Anarchy, as the hottest woman in fiction. She beat 98 other fictional characters in Ugo's list. As played by actress Maggie Siff (who really should get the award for her looks), Tara is the love interest to the main character of the show and according to Ugo; "the last season of Sons of Anarchy really saw Tara come into her own as a bad-ass biker mama." Another TV character took second spot with Gloria Pritchett (as played by Sofia Vergara) from ABC's Modern Family the runner-up in the list. Ironically UGO's list was in answer to the very same concept list from who had polled Sofia Vergara's Gloria from Modern Family as their hottest woman in fiction. You can find UGO's hottest 99 woman in fiction HERE. You can find's 99 hottest woman in fiction HERE. Who do you think should have been polled at number one? My vote goes to Zooey Deschanel's Jessica in New Girl though Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow can't be too far behind.
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