Netflix's GLOW: 9 Wrestler Cameos You Need To See

The pro wrestling faces you'll definitely recognise...

Glow Cameos

The best thing to be said about new Netflix show GLOW's mainstream credentials is that you don't have to be even remotely interested in wrestling to enjoy it. You don't have to know the terminology, or be invested in kayfabe or even to particularly care about the business. It's about pure entertainment - a sitcom with a definitely flavour mixing Orange Is The New Black with Dodgeball.

The wrestling is almost incidental to the character stories and the comedy. But, that isn't to say it doesn't bother with that side of the show at all. In fact, it's a carefully crafted love letter to the industry - or at least to the imagination and personalities behind some of the industry's most notorious... silliness.

Crucially, it also delivers for fans who actually are big fans of the real-life industry, not just through the allusions to real-life figures, or the insight into the mentality of booking and training, but also because there are some great cameos in there for pro wrestling figures.

And some of them are actually quite surprising...

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