Parks And Recreation: You CAN'T 100% This True Or False Quiz!

Who was Leslie's ultimate sexual fantasy again...?

Parks And Recreation Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation was one of the funniest television comedies during its seven years on air. Still to this day, fans of the show will find themselves desperate to re-watch certain episodes, wondering what life in Pawnee might be like nowadays.

The show is long-lasting beyond its years and will likely stay that way for a long time, especially now that NBC has staked its claim in the streaming service industry.

Parks has one of the top tier ensemble casts out there, with just about every single combination of characters. Other shows might keep characters as different as Donna and Andy, or Leslie and Tom, at a lengthy distance, but Michael Schur and Greg Daniels managed to make everyone get along perfectly. Of course, with a cast like that, you've got dozens upon dozens of opportune scenarios to create - and boy did Parks and Recreation create them.

So with so many different options on the table, can you remember which ones actually happened?

Answers at the end!

1. Andy Kisses Ann While Dating April.


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