Pokemon Quiz: Bet You Can't Name All These Pokemon!

Are you a real Pokemon master or just another wannabe who can't handle the heat?


Pokemon is up there with other anime powerhouses. It is a franchise that has been alive for decades and has managed to maintain a strong fan base with international popularity. This appeals across all ages and all around the world, originating in Japan but spreading into the western world and taking it by storm.

There are many ventures this franchise has went with across multiple platforms. There are the television shows, the movies, card games and video games across many consoles or computers. Pokemon has found success across all of those ventures and rarely seems to fail. Remember when the entire world pretty much stopped to play Pokemon GO?

Originally the franchise started with just 151 Pokemon. Sure that seems like a lot but it has continuously expanded to new lands harboring new creatures, and now boasting over 800. Many of them are extremely well known, but of course with that many there are those you forget that even exist!

Can you name the following, more obscure Pokemon?

Answers at the end!

1. Who's That Pokemon?


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