Star Trek: 10 Sexy Moments That Made Geeks Feel Hot Under The Collar

Dpp 0001 Star Trek is populated with some of the hottest actresses on television often in costumes that leave nothing to the imagination. (We Trekkies do look after our fan boys.) These women are beautiful, confident, smart and in full control of their own sexuality, abilities and careers. So you would think the relationships these women would foster would at the very least make sense and the sex, for lack of a better word, would be stellar. However, anyone who has watched a Star Trek series knows that is not the case. Star Trek romances are awkward; being no better than what we went through in high school and just as short-lived. When sex is added, it only produces more awkwardness. But every once in a while there are scenes where the writers hit the mark and a geek fantasy is born.

10. Phlox And T'Pol (ENT: Bounty)

Dpp 0010

If there is a Vulcan onboard, there will be Pon-Farr. This is just another method Star Trek writers use to add a sexy episode to a series. For those that do not know, Pon-Farr is the Vulcan's time of mating which only happens once every seven years. If they do not mate and if they cannot meditate their way out of it then they will die. No Vulcan on a series has been able to successfully meditate their way out of the situation.

In this particular episode, a pathagen in the air of a visited planet caused T'Pol to prematurely enter into Pon-Far. So in ernest was she that she tried to mate with the Doctor. This would have been an incredibly sexy scene if the ridges she carefully rubbed were not Phlox's but someone else's. Still if you like a half-naked T'Pol who is hungry for sex and has no control of her emotions this may be the episode for you.

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