Star Trek 50th Anniversary: 10 Things That Must Happen

10. Look At What Worked With Doctor Who's 50th - An Adventure In Space And Time

It's only fair to consider the Doctor's 50th when looking forward to Star Trek's. It may have not been the year-long extravaganza we hoped for, but November 2013 was packed with a great many treats for the fans. Aside from the surprise return of Paul McGann, one of the best moments of Doctor Who's 50th was Mark Gatiss's drama An Adventure In Space And Time. It beautifully charted the origins of the show and William Hartnell's passionate contribution as the first Doctor. A feature length drama, charting the early days of Star Trek would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the show's contribution to sci-fi and TV as a whole. Gene Roddenberry was a pioneer. He made the decision to have a female first officer, include an alien Spock and a Russian, Chekov, working alongside the all-American crew. Most importantly, he created Uhura - possibly one of the most important female and coloured roles in TV history. It was Star Trek that brought TV its first interracial kiss between her and Kirk. A drama that charts Star Trek's success, cancellation and then rebirth in the movies; there is a rich history here to be mined, arguably more than Doctor Who. Done with the same reverence as An Adventure In Time And Space, a dramatisation of the early days of Star Trek could be something very special indeed.
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