Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser Reveals Summer 2019 Release Date

Welcome to Starcourt Mall.

Stranger Things Season 3

A new teaser video has been released for Stranger Things Season 3, revealing a new setting and just when we can expect to see it.

The video comes in the format of an advertisement for Starcourt Mall, a new shopping centre within the show's setting of Hawkins, Indiana. It's a perfect riff on a number of old mall tropes, and looks even more gloriously 80s than perhaps anything else we've seen from the series.

It brings with it a new job for everyone's favourite babysitter Steve Harrington, who is now serving up ice cream at Scoops Ahoy, but the most interesting reveal comes right at the end, with the ad promising the mall is "coming next summer." Since we've known for a while Stranger Things Season 3 was arriving in 2019, it seems like it's giving us a clear release window for it, which is in line with the show's original July debut.

It also confirms a summer setting for the new season, which should make for a lot of fun without losing its inherent spookiness. Season 3 will be set in 1985, so we should be guaranteed references to Back to the Future and The Goonies (which the show has already paid homage to quite a lot anyway). Netflix also released an in-universe press release for the mall, which comes courtesy of Starcourt Industries, and there's a good chance the company behind the mall will also be behind some of the shady goings on in Hawkins next year.

Stranger Things Starcourt Mall

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