Supernatural: 10 Most Hated Episodes

The Winchester brothers may have won over our hearts, but not every episode was a winner.

Supernatural Bugs
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It only makes sense for a show that's run as long as Supernatural to have its fair share of terrible episodes, and boy, does Supernatural have its fair share of terrible episodes. There was once a time when Supernatural was considered one of the best series on TV, but as the show went on, it was getting harder and harder to remember the great show Supernatural once was.

With 15 seasons to its name, what used to be a beloved and well-written show became a boring, dull, and repetitive snoozefest, with many of its most hated episodes being that of the later seasons. However, even during its prime, Supernatural still had its number of bad episodes, many of which are on this list.

The Winchester brothers may have won over our hearts since season one, but not every episode in their 15 seasons of running was a winner. Here are the 10 most hated episodes of Supernatural.

10. Route 666 (Season 1, Episode 13)

Supernatural Bugs
The CW

Ask any Supernatural fan about "the racist truck" and they'll know exactly what you're talking about. Yes, this Supernatural episode features a racist killer truck killing African-American men and then vanishing into the night. It's a ridiculous concept, to say the least, and a rather difficult one to suspend your disbelief for. It's actually funny to imagine what the episode meeting for this one must've been like.

And really, with a premise that ridiculous, you really need exceptional writing in order to make the episode work. With Route 666, however, we get sloppy writing made even worse by the overacting done by one of the episode's main cast member, Cassie. While Cassie Robinson could've made for an interesting character, especially in the first Supernatural season, the horrid acting by Megalyn Echikunwoke made us glad the character never appeared in the show again.

However, while the episode is laughably bad, it's laughably bad in the way you'll only get from the earlier seasons of Supernatural — ridiculous premises and attempts to be scary that fall insanely flat. The terrible episodes of the later episodes of Supernatural are all bad because of the same reason: they're pointless boring filler, repeating the same formulas we've seen in the show over and over again.

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