Supernatural Quiz: What's My Last Line?

Carry on my wayward son.

The CW

The Supernatural family had been through enough and deserved a peaceful ending. After lots of theories and guessings, we finally know how the story of wayward sons, Dean and Sam Winchester, ends. However, it’s safe to say that after 15 long seasons, tragic sacrifices, this story doesn't belong only to Sam and Dean anymore, as other beloved characters of the iconic show got their own shares in the family business.

While the supernatural addicts were putting up with the loss of both John Winchester and Crowley, the genius behind the show, Eric Kripke was preparing a dramatic ending for the rest of the gang. As hard as it was to watch rebellious Castiel sacrifice himself for Dean, fans were relieved that the show runners did not stick with the idea of Sam versus Dean and then good versus evil.

Instead, the brotherhood wins. Dean dies in his little brother's arms and goes to Heaven created by Jack, where he can drive his Baby and have as many bears as he wants. Sam joins him indeed, after living a full life with his wife and son named Dean, who, apparently, will continue the Winchester mission.

Well, let’s see whether you remember the final episodes and the very last words of the epic characters.

1. Dean Winchester


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