The Big Bang Theory Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Sheldon Cooper Or Captain Holt?

Which fan-favourite genius said it?

The Big Bang Theory Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are two of the most popular sitcoms of recent times.

The two fan-favourite shows feature a lineup of legendary characters played by remarkable casts. Both shows feature iconic lead characters from Penny to Peralta, but none compare to Sheldon Copper and Captain Raymond Holt.

Tackling life in their unique way, both characters are in a league of their own and do not fit into the mould of archetypical sitcom characters. Intellectually prodigious and set in their ways, Sheldon and Holt are hell-bent on leading a routine-based life. Both characters are not socially accessible, are a bit robotic in their expression of emotions, and think a lot of their work colleagues and almost all other humans are "idiots". See the similarities?

The two unique characters seem to be cut from the same cloth and are inarguably the titular and most-talked about characters from their respective shows. So, here's a quiz to celebrate these two genius characters. You may think you know everything there is to know about Sheldon Cooper and Captain Holt, but can you distinguish which genius said what?

1. "I Am A Human. I Am A Human Male."


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